Literature Experiences by S.Butterworth

Welcome to my current works in progress

Keeping the ball rolling I have two projects that I am currently working on, one of them is a follow on to my novel "The Rents"

The working title for this story is "A Change of Nature" however that may change between now and its launch date

Obviously it is recommended that you read The Rents before this book as it will give this story some context however in a way I guess you could read this one on its own if you were inclined to do so

So what's it about?

Well if you are still reading this I guess you have read The Rents or decided you want to plunge straight into this book as soon as its available. The basic premise of this story is Sasha'a life back at home after having met Jim on her family vacation.

When is it due out?

There is no definite date on it but I expect to have it at least self published before the end of this year

Can I get a sneak peek?

All my works in progress will come with a sneek peek into the story if you would like to see the beginning of this story click here

Twisting things in a different direction I am also working on a book that will detail my experience of working on a holiday centre in the UK

This book will be completely different to anything I have previously worked on and in a way I am quite excited by it because of its differences.

Just like the book described above this one is expected for release this year as a self published title with offers from publishers welcomed the working title will be "Beyond the Plastic Smile"

So whats this one about?

This one is Autobigraphical and talks about my time working on the Holicay Centres in the UK focussing mainly on my experience as an entertianer

Can I see a preview?

Obviously the answer to that is YES so please click here to see an excerpt of this one

Thank you for reading