The Rents Chapter One

Holiday is Coming

Every year Jim had waited patiently for the end of the school year to arrive so he could look forward to his summer holiday and this year had been a particularly difficult year with the added pressure of exams. This year he had earned his summer and making it even better, he knew he wasn’t going back to school. His entire school career was about to be decided by a group of people who had probably never even met him and he knew there was nothing he could do about it. Thankfully while he waited for his future to be decided he had the family holiday to look forward to.

Now his school days were over he knew the amount of family holidays he had left to look forward to were limited, so this year he was going to make it special. Every year he was sure he had been the model of a perfect child while on holiday because the rents* had never pulled him up for anything when they returned home. This year he had decided there were no rules, no one was going to tell him what he could or couldn’t do because they couldn’t exactly send him home - could they?

There was one thing that was bugging him about this year’s holiday – one more thing to aggravate him as if he didn’t have enough stress with the exam results looming over him. This year he hadn’t been told where they were going, he had been given the dates and told specifically to mark them on the calendar – as if he was going to forget them, but whatever, he had done it to amuse the rents anyway.

He had taken the standard precaution of prying out of them that they were going abroad but that was as much as they had disclosed. If there had been any inclination that they were spending two weeks in England as it would be ‘just as much fun’ Jim had the fuel to remind them of the last UK summer holiday. Strangely enough the two week stay on a holiday centre with cheap discos still playing classics from the 80s had been quickly dismissed as a learning experience.

Even at the age of twelve Jim was sure the cheaper option of a UK holiday was a direct reflection of his Dad having changed jobs. This theory was confirmed when they had returned and the first thing Dad had done was plead with his ex-boss to take him back. Even with the assurance that their family holiday was abroad it hadn’t fully settled Jims mind, how was he supposed to gloat to his friends about his forthcoming trip when he didn’t know where he was gloating about going to?