Occultopia Chapter One

Tapping idly on his mouse David gazed bleary eyed at the monitor in front of him. He had never intended for the site he was on to become such a fascination but somehow it had grown on him. As usual he had a number of chats and group rooms available and he was still comfortably keeping up with the conversations in all of them.

Peering down the list of friends he had made since subscribing he found himself wondering what these people were like in reality. Some of the people on his list used the forums to recreate role plays that they had invented and although he didn’t participate he watched them. The way they referred to themselves in a third person was almost hypnotic as their sentences streamed out creating stories.

In a way he knew it was strange referring to a person that he only knew by their alias as his friend but that seemed to be the protocol. The way the subscribers made up stories to suit the topic of the room they were in had made him question a lot of the information they said was real. At first he had been vocal with his questioning but after the first couple of overly aggressive confrontations he had chosen to keep his doubts to himself.

From the moment he found this site David had decided that he wasn’t going to become too familiar with theses acquaintances who liked to be classed as friends. He had exchanged a few details with them about his day to day life including his recent engagement but had no intention of actually meeting any of them.

Every time he mentioned living in England he had been asked if he knew a person in a town. At first he had pointed out the size of England and that the odds of him knowing a random individual were minimal. It didn’t take him long to realize that the people he was associating with didn’t like the obvious being pointed out.

Some of them had made reference to meeting if he was ever in their area; even though he had a curiosity about the people behind the alias a trip to America seemed too far just to confirm his suspicions. Even if he had wanted to go it would take a lot of explaining to convince Anna that he actually knew these people she was oblivious to.