A Change of Nature

Social Etiquette

Perching delicately on the corner of her desk Sasha gazed through her window at the street below. Her mother had made a comment about her doing it the previous day but this time she had remembered to put a gown on before sitting close to the window with the curtain open.

Part of her mind wondered who had spotted her 'baring all for the world to see' as it had been put but silently she didn't care, unless it was the boy from the corner house. He had hinted to her a few times about how he would love to see her in a bikini, she shuddered at the thought that it might have been him.

Gripping her gown closer to her chest she spotted Mr Burke from a few doors down and snorted a giggle as he ushered his prize winning tri colour corgi off the footpath. She could almost hear the poor dog's claws fighting against him as it tried to gain traction on the concrete.

Straightening his undisturbed trilby Mr Burke glared silently at the rogue footpath cyclist that had caused him to take evasive action before picking his dog up and placing it back on the path. If it had been any of the local children they would know that this dog was his pride and joy and no one was ever allowed to get within 2 metres of it without a permission slip or verbal consent.

Hitching herself slowly off the desk she smiled as she remembered a man in his 70s who had been called into her school to teach them about cycling safety. Over the course of a fortnight each class in her year had been offered the chance to spend a couple of hours cycling with him as he taught them the rules of the road.

If it had just been his age that defined him as a teacher no one would have given him a second glance, it wasn't unusual to have visiting teachers. The cycling helmet and florescent vest made him stand out even in a crowd of adults but the knee length shorts had been the finishing touch no one wanted to see.

She bit her lip as she remembered the 5 minute lecture one of the girls had received for cycling on the foot path during his lesson. The girl's face had become redder as his finger wagged in front of her causing her to smile while trying to take him seriously. Niamh Deasy hadn't helped the situation by mimicking his actions from behind him prolonging his speech with words about taking him seriously.