Literature Experiences by S.Butterworth

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The Rents


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With his final days of school behind him and college still over a month away Jim has decided to make the most of the longest summer break since he started school. Every year the” Rents “(the name he has adopted for his parents) have taken him on a summer holiday and this year he is determined to make it a special one.

The only thing that’s bugging him is that no-one is telling him where they are going! But whatever, its two weeks of summer sun to forget all the worries and stress of his pending exam results

What’s the worst that could happen?

Expect the unexpected and join Jim as he goes on a summer holiday he is never going to forget - especially when Sasha appears in his life and changes everything for him.

Jim doesn’t know it yet but summer holidays will never be the same again

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David felt sure he had everything he wanted until the night he took his fiancée out for their anniversary.

For the first time everything seemed to be going right for him until Anna disappeared in the middle of a crowded theatre.

Follow David as he chases after a series of clues left for him by a man whom he barely knows but who seems to know him as he races against time to rescue Anna.

48 Hours to find the girl he loves - what would you do?